mobility is changing the way companies operate

We have officially crossed the threshold of a society dominated by mobility. 2014 was the first year that the number of web pages visited using smartphones and other mobile devices surpassed the number of visits made on a desktop computer. In 2015, Google announced that the majority of the more than 3.5 billion daily searches on its site were made from mobile devices. The advance of mobile devices over desktop devices is ever-increasing and shows no signs of slowing down.

You only have to look around in a public space to see the proof. Everywhere you go, you’re sure to see at least one person, their head tilted forward, captivated by the screen of their smart phone. Two out of three Canadians own a smartphone. We have become dependent on these devices for just about everything, like checking email, answering a question, shopping, finding directions, and more.

Organizations are recognizing that mobile-friendly solutions are no longer a perk that customers value. Riding the mobility bandwagon is a necessity that puts customer needs at the heart of business; mobility is also an invaluable tool for improving employee productivity.

put customers first and results will follow

Making your business mobile-friendly is a perfect example of a “customer-centric” strategy. In fact, we would add that in today’s smartphone-dominated world, delivering mobile solutions to customers shouldn’t be a compliment, but rather a mechanical, automatic process. Tech-savvy customers simply expect companies to have mobile solutions, and if they don’t, they’ll be happy to find a competitor that does what they need. Make customers happy and they will share their positive experience with others and do business with your business again. Take our word for it when we tell you that having happy customers is never bad for your business.

boost employee productivity

Most professionals use mobile devices as productivity tools. Suppose an employee is out of the office, but needs to report to a colleague immediately. With productivity tools built into mobile devices, that’s no longer a problem. The employee can submit this urgent report whether they are at their desk, stuck at home with a tablet, or checking their phone during a meeting. The 9 to 5 model no longer exists; we are in continuous connectivity mode. Boomers (Gen Y) rely on their mobile devicesmore than any previous generation, and they prioritize companies that offer a mobile style of working. Want to attract new and emerging talent? Adopting email and business operations systems that integrate mobility is a good start.

collect crucial strategic information

To connect with high-value customers, you must first identify them. With all the data shared through smartphones – where your customer is, what they’re clicking on, what they’re searching for, and more – there’s an incredible amount of information to mine. Use this wealth of information to better understand what your customers expect from you, how they interact with your business, and ultimately how you can better serve them. Which leads us to…

hyper-personalization through mobile devices

With mobile devices, you can target customers more specifically and deliver a highly personalized experience of your brand. Surely you have seen this strategy in action before, probably even without being aware of it. Sites like Amazon offer specific shopping recommendations based on other items you’ve viewed or purchased. Groupon shares great deals from a participating retailer you’ve visited. Maybe you put an item in an online shopping cart…and you get an email an hour later reminding you to complete your transaction and, while we’re at it, entice you to try other similar items while you’re in the mood to shop? This type of customization is easier to do on a mobile device than on any other platform. People share a tremendous amount of information about their devices, which can be leveraged by tech-savvy organizations to create smarter, more effective marketing that will help them attract and retain high-value customers.

harness geographic power

GPS and mapping functions have become incredibly sophisticated on mobile devices. It’s easier than ever to take advantage of your location to do business. With sophisticated mobile tracking, it’s possible to know when a customer is in or near one of your business locations, and offer them a hyper-targeted message. Want to welcome a customer who just sat down in your lobby? No problem. Someone walked past your restaurant? Why not entice him to walk through your doors with an enticing offer? Want to know which aisles in your store get the most traffic (also known as the best places to position premium merchandise)? GPS can tell you.

The proof is in: delivering agile mobile solutions has incredible value. For the relatively low cost of hiring a mobile development team, your organization will be able to better serve its customers and employees and, ultimately, your company’s own interests. If your organization doesn’t already have a team of mobile app developers focused on mobile compatibility and services, you’re missing out on substantial opportunities to reach customers and improve internal productivity.

Randstad Technologies specializes in IT recruitment and can connect you with talent that has the mobile technology skills you need to thrive. Whether you’re looking for mobile app developers or professionals with experience in emerging mobility-centric fields like metadata, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), Randstad can connect you to an abundant talent pool. Tell us about your IT recruitment needs , and we’ll tell you how we can help.